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Dick received his BBA degree from Stephen F. Austin State University. He began his early career in business with Texaco Oil Company as a sales representative. He entered the petroleum and automotive sales industry when he joined VSA in 1974. Dick has been a partner in the company since 1981.

President VSA INC (Dallas, TX)
214.353.0765 • Fax: 214.352.6087
Joe Maldonado, native to South Texas, has called Austin his home for the last 22 years. A Texas State University graduate, Joe received a Bachelor in Geographic Information Science. He is a husband and father of two, and enjoys cooking and spending time with his family. Joe’s first hand knowledge of the area and bilingual skills help him serve the fast growing regions of Central and South Texas.

Factory Sales Representative (South TX, Waco, Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Rio Grande Valley)
Mobile: 512.731.8710
Jon graduated from Sam Houston University in 2009 with a Bachelor in Business Administration- Marketing. He's been a sales representative for VSA since 2010. He represents Houston and surrounding metropolitan areas. Jon has a technical background in the Agriculture and Automotive Industry that brings valuable insight to VSA. His goal is to provide sales knowledge to customers and distribution to help to increase their profitability and success. Jon resides in North Houston with his Wife and enjoys spending time with friends and family along with hunting and fishing.

Factory Sales Representative (Houston - College Station- Galveston- Beaumont, TX)
214.353.0765 • Mobile: 281.744.6223 • Fax: 214.352.6087
Josh brings a background to VSA which includes prior experience in Service/Sales/Project Management with a large distributor in Oklahoma. He brings an extensive technical background in equipment servicing the automotive, industrial, petroleum and oil & gas industries. His hobbies include fishing, being outdoors, volunteer coaching sports and spending time with his three sons.
Factory Sales Representative (OK, AR, Western TN)
214.353.0765 • Mobile: 405-274-0788 • Fax: 405-563-9412
Phillip graduated from Lincoln Technical Institute with a Technical Automotive Degree in 2003. He has worked in the automotive industry for eight years and has been with VSA as a sales representative since 2008. Phillip’s territories include West Texas and Forth Worth.

Factory Sales Representative (West TX, Ft Worth TX, TX Panhandle)
214.353.0765 • Mobile: 817.228.7168 • Fax: 817.719.9089
Randall brings a varied background to VSA, with prior experience in both law enforcement and working in the Texas oilfields. He still maintains his Texas Peace Officer License and is a Reserve Deputy for the local Sheriff’s Office. Randall obtained his Bachelor’s Degree from Texas A&M University in College Station, TX. Randall enjoys spending time with his wife and son. His hobbies include hunting, working on old cars, and supporting Texas A&M sports.

Factory Sales Representative (East TX, LA, MS)
214.353.0765 • Mobile: 979.492.7196
Todd graduated from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree in 1995. Todd has been with VSA as a sales representative since 1996 and has worked the San Antonio, Kansas and MS territories for seven years and now represents the North Texas area, Alabama and the FL panhandle. Enjoys his new family chasing them around the house and reading to them during story time. Todd likes to stay up to date with the ever changing business environment ~ helping the distributors close the deals.

Factory Sales Representative (North TX, AL, FL Panhandle)
214.353.0765 • Mobile: 214.552.3552 • Fax: 214.352.6087